Bespoke Intel has years of historical survey data on social media players. Why does that matter? Simply put, combination of a long time series and current reactions to ongoing changes gives us a really helpful predictive view on consumers (and we have ad feedback from ad execs and business owners). So far this year our work picked up on worsening trends from the consumer, but it also showed that ad execs/business owners were holding up and weren’t running for the hills.

These charts below are by no means our complete data view on FB. They are simply meant to show that throughout the quarter consumer engagement has continued to suffer and that the consumer issues could be more structural than transitory (FB users are more likely to be actively trying to cut back on usage than users of other platforms).

We are flagging this feedback again now to keep our work on your radar. Our consumer and ad execs/business owner view will offer critical insight in early July and throughout the rest of this year. Please let us know if you would have any interest in our social media coverage.

snip FB intent to cut back


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