We have a great deal of insightful data on NFLX investment narratives with survey refreshes due out in the next week (6 years of historical data):

  • International sub growth, churn, engagement, sentiment, etc.
  • Domestic sub growth, churn, engagement, sentiment, etc.
  • Original content popularity and ability to a) drive new subscriptions and b) curb churn
  • Cord cutting, competitive dynamics, etc.

In short, if investors think an issue could impact the stock, we are gathering feedback directly from consumers and tracking it over time.

Bespoke Intel has fresh data coming down the pipeline on NFLX. Presenting a data point relevant to most discussions in the space…at what monthly price point would consumers decide to cancel their Netflix subscription? The chart below shows positive feedback in May (new series high)  but this is not the entire picture.

Bespoke’s full reports on NFLX and streaming media covers both domestic and international sub growth, churn, engagement, and sentiment (UK, France, Germany, and Japan). We also have feedback on original content rankings by show and network, cord cutting, and competitive dynamics.

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NFLX Snip_180626