With SNAP starting off 2019 still trading near 52 week lows, we wanted to highlight some (potentially) underappreciated positives. We include a couple charts beneath key takeaways below from a recent special audiences survey we ran on different segments of younger respondents, starting with teens under 17.

  1. Among younger audiences, user engagement is stronger with SNAP stories compared to FB or Instagram Stories. This is significant because across all platforms, sentiment toward the stories experience and engagement with stories has been improving.
  2. SNAP still performs extremely well among teens. Despite the fact that Instagram has pulled ahead of Snapchat with older audiences, the two platforms are much closer to each other among teens.
  3. FB users have been pulling back in engagement and younger users see it as a significant popularity loser. Though a lot of the usage is heading over to Instagram, the pull back in FB usage provides an opportunity for SNAP to pick up some of those eyeballs.

Please let us know if you would have interest in this special teens report or in our social media coverage in general.

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