When utilizing our research, you can rest assured knowing that our product is built from the ground up with compliance in mind.  Survey methodology, in its own right, is highly transparent.  Our control over the content in our surveys from start to finish allows us to safeguard against material non-public information being disseminated.  We analyze the collective voice of the target audience and individual respondents remain anonymous, which makes it impossible to attribute any answers to a specific respondent’s company or business relationships that they may have.  Our questions are directed at the target audience from their point of view as a consumer, which is regarded as a very low-risk and essential form of market research.   Our studies are designed to provide clients with an informational edge that will make them money – but we achieve the latter through our sweat equity, not by cutting corners.

Compliance standards are rigorously maintained by the Bespoke Market Intelligence team to ensure that our institutional clients have access to compliant and high-quality research.  Bespoke Market Intelligence employees receive ongoing training on a variety of topics including insider trading, fiduciary duties and obligations, confidentiality, and non-public information.  We consult with outside counsel on a regular basis to review our policies and research practices and we maintain open dialogues with each of our clients’ compliance teams.  Our detailed code of ethics and compliance DDQ are available upon request by emailing pgorynski(at)