How to Use the Consumer Pulse Survey

Once you have become a member, the Bespoke Consumer Pulse service is designed to give you actionable, timely insight into the US consumer and their collective impact on the economy and financial markets.  This information can be used to defensively monitor your existing portfolio and to opportunistically generate new investment ideas.  Our time series data will inform a wide range of your decisions, including investment allocation, purchase timing, and corporate strategy.  Our carefully designed survey will inform you on trends taking place, in near real time.  Applying trends to your thesis visible at the consumer level (unemployment, intents to buy homes, streaming service use, shopping habits, and many more) can yield less risky returns and greater certainty over outcomes.  Bespoke Pulse can’t provide all the answers, but as part of a larger analysis, its insights will offer a valuable perspective that isn’t available anywhere else.

globe iconEven though our data collection is as comprehensive as it gets, our monthly Bespoke Consumer Pulse report reads like a newsletter or magazine article and not like a scholarly journal entry that’s difficult to interpret.  You’ll take away the key points you need to make timely investment decisions in our survey summary section at the beginning of each report, which contains aptly written commentary and stunning visuals created by our team of writers and analysts here at Bespoke.  Following the survey summary pages, we detail the results of each question, and it’s broken up into sections like Employment, Inflation, Housing, Autos, Retail, Technology, Investor Sentiment, etc. so that you can easily browse through and digest the data.  See a sample of a past Consumer Pulse report here so you can get a complete feel for the layout and its contents.

From our monthly survey, you’ll be able to track forward expectations for unemployment, inflation, discretionary spending habits, home sales, renovations, consumer and stock market sentiment, health care spending, auto purchases, travel spending, retail trends, and much much more.  The data is straight from the source — US consumers — so we’re able to get reads on just about every economic indicator that’s currently released each month, all in one powerful report.  If you use the information to your advantage, you’ll be able to get a good feel for trends in economic indicators before they’re released.

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