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Group Custom Survey Project: 3,000-5,000 Consumers focused on sentiment/expectations in luxury consumption and usage of internet platforms to buy goods.

How We Are Different: Our survey process captures a broad array of detailed primary source data and information directly from consumers / industry professionals, helping clients build investment theses based on data, not anecdotes. Our data doesn’t attempt to “call quarters”, like many overused 3rd party data vendors out there. We focus on harder to reach insights that precede the movements that other data services are measuring.

Coverage: 200+ companies, 50+ industries (domestic and international), with a focus on TMT, Consumer, Fintech, Consumer Healthcare, and Macro. We help clients with group custom projects and with our platform of longitudinal survey data.

Deliverables: Structured Data With Schemas Via API, Fundamental Research Reports, Smart Search Tool Powered By Machine Learning and NLP.

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