(BNPL) Follow-up Supplemental Survey, Wave 2

Following the release of our typical BNPL survey, we had a couple requests to ask consumers a handful of follow-up questions on the topic. Sharing below fresh data that we recently got back on this front. In an upcoming wave, we plan to ask more specific questions comparing credit card usage to BNPL usage and will do some work to test how much pressure user bases would be under if a recession or financial hardship hit, etc. Open Report:Bespoke – BNPL Follow-Up SurveyOther Related Resources:

Key Charts From BNPL Follow-Up Survey:

(Macro Cross-Currents) US Consumers | Fresh November Data

Our monthly survey tracker just wrapped up fielding today. We wanted to quickly turn around getting results out before the long weekend / travel. Please let us know if you have any questions about the report. Open Report:Bespoke – US Macro and Covid Monthly, November 2022Key Takeaways and Charts:

  • Consumer expectations around inflation have moderated from series highs.
  • Discretionary spending plans going forward have worsened in recent months. November was roughly unchanged vs. October.
  • Consumer views toward the economy have materially worsened throughout this year.
  • Consumer sentiment toward their personal finances has worsened, but we would note that self-reported income vs. 1 year ago remains net positive (albeit, less positive than earlier in the year and compared to pre-covid levels).
  • Consumers have been increasingly likely in recent months to report taking on more credit card debt compared to the same time one year ago.
  • Likelihood of purchasing a new home has declined sharply and the % of consumers who have applied for a building permit in the past month has softened sequentially.
  • Future home improvement plans have softened in recent months. Data is currently more in-line with pre-Covid trends.
  • Likelihood of buying a new auto has declined in recent months, too.
  • Covid concerns declined again and now sit at series lows.
  • The percentage of consumers reporting having a cough, sore throat, or stufft nose has surged in recent months to series highs (since we started tracking this in April of 2020).

(AMZN, W) Identical Item Pricing Analysis

Passing along an updated cut of our identical item pricing analysis. As a reminder on methodology – we manually search for and locate 100+ identical items found on both Amazon and Wayfair. We visually match the items since they often have different product names on each platform. We try to keep all items consistent from prior waves – but when an item is removed from one of the sites we remove it and find a new identical item. 

Open Report (with side-by-side images):Bespoke – AMZN vs. Wayfair Pricing Analysis

Summary Charts:

(SQ, COIN, PYPL, HOOD, Crypto, etc) Mobile Payments and Financial Products Vol 17

Passing along the 17th volume of our work on mobile payments, crypto, and financial products. Important note – we ran this survey just before the FTX news emerged. We will have fresh sentiment data from consumers re Bitcoin from our monthly tracker in the next couple weeks to see if/how trust/sentiment has evolved since FTX news and plan to do follow-up survey work with cryto investors more generally in the coming weeks. Open Report:Bespoke – Mobile Payments and Financial Products, Vol 17Key Takeaways and Charts:

  • Feedback toward the Cash App continues to be positive / constructive on the range of issues we ask consumers about.
  • Crypto interest and confidence continued to soften in this volume of our survey, as did likelihood of buying in the future.

(CROX) Crocs and HeyDude Vol 6

Passing along the 6th volume of our deep dive tracker focused on CROX and HeyDude. Please let us know if you have any questions about the report. 

Open Report:Bespoke – CROX and HeyDude Vol 6

Key Takeaways and Charts:

  • Crocs is one of those brands in which feedback from consumers/customers has been consistently positive, and this quarter is no exception to that trend.
  • When it comes to purchase recency/frequency, future purchase intentions, and sentiment, feedback is positive and improved sequentially.

(BYND, Impossible) Meat Alternatives Vol 15 | Declining Interest

Passing along the 15th volume of our work on meat altneratives.  

Open Report:Bespoke – Meat Alternatives Vol 15

Key Takeaways and Charts:

  • Consumer interest in the meat alternatives category has been declining over time in two different surveys we run tracking interest / category engagement.
  • Expected participation in the category looking forward has also declined over time.
  • Satisfaction and sentiment are roughly unchanged q/q, and worse compared to series bests.