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1Expectations are for holiday spend to be up y/y and to shift more online y/y/


Holiday Spending

Online Shifts


 iPhone is in high demand for holidays. Nintendo Switch in higher demand than Xbox and PS4.


Holiday Items

Wal-Mart tests out as a substantial disruptor to department stores (along with Amazon).

WMT Disruptor


Android and ease of use are problems for SNAP, but they aren’t problems that are unique to them.


Android Social Media


SIG financing feedback worsened in our survey this quarter (% of purchasers using store financing is up and so too are delinquencies). 



  Low Cost Retail gets more favorable consumer feedback in general compared to department stores. Wal-Mart in particular showed promising results.



The negatives on the low cost retail front are: a) AMZN’s continually growing presence as a disruptor and b) average spend per visit declining (self-reported)




Off price customers not showing significant negative sentiment toward product selection / quality. 

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