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Key Takeaways:
  • Wal-Mart and Target Lead In Mind Share
    • Wal-Mart and Target rank at the top when it comes to children’s clothing mindshare (fill-in question asking for the top three retailers that come to mind when parents think about buying children’s clothing). Wal-Mart is far and away the top first choice, but Target and Wal-Mart were mentioned a similar number of times across the top three retailers parents would choose.
  • Online Shopping Frequency For Children’s Clothing Increasing
    • While more parents prefer shopping for children’s clothing in-stores, we would highlight that 24.5% of parents said they prefer online. Additionally, more respondents said they have increased online shopping frequency for children’s clothing compared to a year ago. Children’s Place customers show a higher percentage of their shopping from Children’s Place online compared to the online to in-stores mix at Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy.
  • Use Cases Vary By Retailer
    • Beyond “Pants” and “Shirts”, we see some variation in what customers use each retailer for. Customers of Children’s Place and Old Navy mentioned “Jeans” more often (Children’s Place customers were also more likely to mention “Outfits”).  Amazon customers were far more likely to mention “Shoes” and slightly less likely to mention “Pants”. In general, Amazon customers mentioned a wider array/variety  of product types.
  • Parents Are Shopping More Because of New or Growing Kid, Less Because of Price/Budget
    • The top reason for why parents are shopping in the past year (across all retailers) includes either having a new baby/growing kid, or that they have been motivated by prices/deals. The top reason for why parents are shopping Amazon more is convenience and the top reason for why parents are shopping Wal-Mart more is pricing/cheaper products.

Across all retailers, the top reason for why parents are shopping less include price or tighter budgets.