Tickers: $GRPN, $AMZN, $W, $FB, $TWTR, $SNAP, $AAPL
Online Retailers (Open Report)
  • Groupon – They are executing well on key strategic initiatives including search engagement and mobile usage. Mobile is important because mobile purchase activity has been far more consistent over the past 2-3 years compared to desktop purchase activity
  • Amazon – Their Prime Day holiday is actually preferred by its users compared to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Same day delivery, prime memberships, and hardware all continued to gain traction
  • Wayfair – gaining awareness among consumers and is viewed as a popularity gainer.
Social Media (Open Report)
  • Facebook – The data around younger users, especially 18-24 year-olds, is looking worse and worse.
  • Twitter – Behaves differently than most social media platforms we test. Used more for “News” than anything else. Doesn’t quite line up as well with the typical top reasons for why consumers use social media platforms. Our user/engagement trackers did show a recent uptick.
  • Snapchat – younger consumers and older consumers have different use cases for it. Younger consumers use it to connect with friends. For younger consumers, the use case looks pretty similar to why Facebook users use Facebook. Older Snapchat users seem to have more trouble than younger users finding friends on the platform and use it more “for fun”. There are still a good deal of older consumers who have never tried Snapchat.
Consumer Electronics (Open DomesticOpen China)
  • Apple Domestic – The iPhone X is in high demand. Expected iPhone purchases in the next three months is up compared to seasonality and on par with / better than what we saw leading into the iPhone 6 launch. Market share trend data looks strong and Apple broke away from Android when it comes to the stickiest of customers (owns the same operating system for three consecutive upgrade cycles).
  • Apple China – The main thing that jumps out at us is that an increased percentage of smartphone owners expect to get an iPhone in the next few months and that likelihood of purchasing both the 8/8 Plus and the X are better than results we saw in October of 2016 for the 7 / 7 Plus. The Chinese consumer is feeling increasingly confident in their finances and is spending quite a bit more time on the internet / mobile applications.