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Open Report: Bespoke CMG Monthly Update

Key Takeaways:

  • Traffic
    • Sequential: CMG monthly traffic ticked down this month after showing signs of life over the months that preceded it.
    • Y/Y: Traffic reading in this September survey looks better than September 2016 but worse than September 2015 and September 2014. The same trend was true in August (better than a year ago but worse than 2 and 3 years ago).
  • Food Safety
    • Awareness of food safety issues remains high and not too much lower than when we started asking about it (anecdotally, in other surveys we have run on customer relations issues like LULU and their recall in 2013 or SIGs diamond swapping incident, we would typically see awareness of the issue fall off over time. For CMG, awareness was following that trend of sliding over time from Jan (16) to Jan (17), but has since risen again. Repeat issues in the news isn’t helping consumers forget.
  • Customers Returning Still Flattened Since Jan (17)
    • From Jan (16) to Jan (17), we observed a large increase in the percentage of customers who have returned to CMG post food safety issues. Once we hit January of 2017, however, that metric stopped rising and has been flat to sightly down since.
    • Among respondents who have not yet returned but think they will at some point, the average number of months they say it will take them to come back has been increasing (from an average of 5.84 months in Jan of 2016 to 8.06 in our current volume).