Bespoke Intel’s Travel Survey

We interviewed 2,500+ consumers to provide insights on consumer attitudes that will impact ABNB, OTAs, and Airlines in 2021 and beyond. Top themes studied include…

Negative COVID Test To Travel

Would a CDC mandate requiring a negative COVID test to travel domestically make consumers less likely to travel, or would they be more likely to travel because they feel safer knowing all passengers showed a negative test?

Travel Plans for 2021

What are consumers planning for 2021? How does their travel budget compare to 2020 and 2019? Are they more likely to take longer vacations or weekend trips in 2021? Will they use alternative accommodations like ABNB or will they gravitate toward resorts or family hotels? Will vaccine availability factor into these decisions for consumers?

ABNB Customer Dynamics

Who is the Airbnb customer, how is their engagement evolving with the brand, and what is the total addressable market?

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