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Why Bespoke Market Intelligence?

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Your questions

There is no better way to test an investment thesis than to go directly to a company’s customers.  We do our own research while designing electronic surveys, but we also let you add your own questions and topics to get custom feedback that is specifically actionable for you.  We don’t simply speculate as to what will drive the behavior of customers – we go straight to the source to find out.


actionable insights

Monitoring key issues for the stocks we cover on a regular basis through our creatively designed surveys lets you uncover insights about customer behavior up to 12 months before it flows through earnings.  We identify dislocations in expectations and sentiment vs. actual and projected performance to create opportunities for our clients.


an exclusive network

Our research reports are infused with anonymous suggestions made by hedge fund clients regarding what we should cover and add to our surveys. Our service adds rigorous stock specific and sector specific primary source data testing to your process.  Don’t miss an actionable trend by getting plugged into our exclusive network.

Efficient consumption

We deliver concise summaries AND the underlying data so you can manage your research process.  As analysts, we understand the desire to have all of the available information.  But we also know that internally, an investment committee or portfolio manager doesn’t always want or need every data point.  We support your process with a solution we built for people like us.

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Individual Reports With No Subscription
Custom Pricing
  • A La Carte Reports Include:
  • Enhanced Survey Summary Detailing Most Important Findings
  • Interactive Slide Deck Of Charts Mapped By Topic
  • Historical Data


Mix and Match Areas of Interest
Custom Pricing
  • Single Names Plus:

  • Any Combination of Stocks From Our Coverage Universe
  • Cross-Tabbed and Filtered Analysis Mining the Data for Deeper and More Proprietary Findings
  • Quick Survey Updates Responding to New Developments For Specific Stocks
  • Phone Access (Individual Calls and Conference Calls)
  • Add Questions to Surveys


The Complete Package
Custom Pricing
  • Discounted Pricing For:

  • Access To Our Entire Coverage Universe
  • Access To Data Generated By Monthly Surveys
  • Access To Raw Data In Excel Format
  • Access To All Historical Reports Ever Produced By BMI
  • Run Your Own Cross-Tabs and Regression Analysis
  • Access to Bespoke’s Analysts


Custom Surveys on Any Topic
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Projects for Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, and Corporations:
  • Have Bespoke Design A Survey To Meet Your Needs
  • Select Any Type of Consumer or Business to Take Your Survey
  • Receive a Report With Summary and Analysis
  • Be The Sole Recipient of The Data and Analysis
  • Receive Extensive Cross-Tab Analysis and Demographic Breakdowns

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