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The Bespoke Platform

your Custom Surveys, at cost | 25-40% cheaper than DIY solutions and we do the programming

surveys as a data product | 200+ tickers, 10+ years of history.

raw/participant level data via api

We improved how investors and companies use survey data. Client input makes our questions smarter and repeating surveys longitudinally provides deeper insights. Our platform super-charges ad-hoc survey consumption with faster and more valuable insights.


Platform Use Cases

Survey data is one of the most versatile of the array of third party data sets available to investors and companies. Surveys can offer quantitative and qualitative insight (the what, and the why). They can cover multiple time horizons and can be responsive to whatever the architect needs to know. 

custom surveys, at cost

Custom surveys at 10%-20% of the cost of using consulting firms and 50% of the cost of using DIY platforms. Less time, less money.

Tracking KPIs

There are a numer of key performance indicators that ongoing surveys can help monitor.

idea generation

Surveys can uncover disconnects between market sentiment and reality. Constant canvassing generates more ideas that more than pay for the price of admission.

winners and losers

Run screens on key metrics across peer groups and use filters to see which platforms are winning and losing share from each other over time.

Pressure Testing a Thesis

Surveys are a great tool for confirming or refuting an investment thesis.

Evidence For Memos

It is easier to make your case for a particular investment or initiative when you have data on hand that backs up your thesis points.

Cross-tab analysis

Isolate groups that are driving change and filter their responses to understand the velocity behind a trend.

leading indicators

Don’t only look at what is happening now. Use surveys to understand how behavior will evolve in the future before it unfolds.

Your Questions, Answered

One of the most valuable components of our platform is the ability to run your own custom surveys, at cost. Pricing is lower than DIY platforms and we save you time by programming it and creating a research report.

submit your own questions

ping us with questions you want answered and we’ll handle the rest.

see what other firms ask

Read our reports to stay on top of emerging investment debates that investors and companies are doing work on.