How Sirius is Music App Competition in the Car? (SIRI, SPOT, AAPL, PNDRA)

Bespoke Intel has just rolled out Sirius Radio Volume 8 and some of the feedback we’re getting may surprise SIRI holders. Sharing a chart below from the report…flagging q/q and y/y declines for Sirius radio account holders who connect music apps to the car while Spotify and Apple Music show gains. Bulls may want to slow down and take a closer look at the rest of our report before they get the horns…

Siri snip



Can Gamestop weather the Fortnite Effect? | New 104-page report by Bespoke Intel

Bespoke Intel has just released its comprehensive, 104-page report, on Video Gaming (Volume 12). We take a deep dive into Gamestop, Fortnite’s impact, Amazon’s impact, physical vs. digital, share positioning, competitive dynamics, Nintendo switch feedback, and VR. Historicals go back 12 quarters and this time series of data is proving to be very useful for existing clients.

Sharing a datapoint from the report below…over 65% of Fortnite gamers are playing more or much more than their first month on the title. Over 58% said they are not purchasing as many games as they normally would because of Fortnite. We will see if this trend continues, pulls back, or flatlines when blockbuster titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon release later this year. Contact us to learn more!


GME fortnite snip

Looking into their Soles: Can Nike and Footlocker keep Adidas and Amazon at Bay?

We’ve just released Bespoke Footwear Volume 8 and have some good data back re if Nike is holding off Adidas in this arena AND if Amazon is making an impact on purchases at Foot Locker.

Sharing a chart below on consumer sentiment across several popular Nike and Adidas models. We have some interesting cross tab analysis on consumers who are familiar with the styles/models, whether they would purchase them, and how their choices change when pricing is revealed. Contact us to learn more!


Shoes capture

Jewelry: Engagement Ring Consumer Behavior Shift

We just completed a new volume of our Jewelry report this week with a deep dive into Signet Brands (Jared, Kay, Zales), Tiffany, Pandora, and Fossil. We cover everything from recent purchases across different platforms to trends in store financing to engagement ring consumer behavior.

Flagging an interesting chart below… Engagement ring purchasers appear to be moving away from the local jeweler. Also notable but not pictured below – we are seeing both an increase in recent engagement ring purchase activity AND an increase in pent up demand (has never purchased an engagement ring). If you would like to see all of these charts we are referencing in addition to the other topics we cover in the full 46-page report, please let us know (…

Capture_Jewelry Engagement Rings


TSLA In China

Here’s a chart below from our TSLA survey work. In short, demand is increasing in China.

We have some really helpful data on TSLA in our domestic survey (also covers all of the other auto manufacturers and Uber/Lyft). Happy to explain more about what we ask about if you’d have any interest.

We asked consumers in China:

TSLA China


(WMT, TGT) If AMZN Figures Out Grocery, Look Out

If AMZN picks up meaningful traction in grocery, look out. Below are a handful of charts from our big box retail report last quarter. In short, they show that active shoppers of both WMT and TGT have been increasingly likely to say that AMZN has caused them to shop less with WMT and TGT. If you look at the mix of what active WMT and TGT customers are buying you’ll notice that grocery is holding up, but the other categories have been sliding. As a result of this dynamic, our trackers have been showing average ticket size declining over-time. Which brings us back to the title of this post – if AMZN starts to win meaningful share from WMT and TGT in grocery, look out.

We have a lot more consumer survey data on WMT, TGT, COST, and Dollar Stores. We also have been studying online grocery delivery trends monthly with surveys – so we can actually give you some perspective on how quickly AMZN is gaining traction with consumers for grocery. If you have any interest in our research on these topics, please let us know.

WMT Shopping






Buy From Target

Dept Stores – Will Off Price Continue Parting The Red Sea?

We’ve been covering the department store and branded apparel space for some time now. It will be no surprise for you to learn that our trackers have shown deteriorating engagement and sentiment trends for department stores specifically and for mall shopping in general. Throughout our survey series, consumers have been increasingly prioritizing value/price. As a result, the channels that they perceive to be the best values have been the bright spots in our work. When we track mind share shifts y/y for buying clothing, it really has seemed as though the value/off price plays have been “parting the red sea” of negativity around department stores. Below the tongue-in-cheek imagery below, we show you some actual data from our February volume. We’ll have updated results to our entire in-depth report next week if you have interest including some critical data investors care about for off-price specifically on if customers are noticing any changes in product selection (quantity and quality) when they visit the store.

Off Price Seas

Here’s the actual data from our report in February to check out:

Dept Stores Popularity Changes




(S)printing For The Exits

We thought this was an interesting chart from our service providers report. It kind of speaks for itself, but in short – generally speaking its not good to have a lower percentage of smartphone owners choose Sprint with each successive upgrade cycle. It projects share losses and the data has worsened throughout our series.

Here’s a picture to show you what we mean below. If you have any interest in our service providers work (wireless and Pay TV/cord cutting), please let me know!

Sprinting For Exit

Instagram Stories and Impacts To SNAP

Flagging a dynamic that has revealed itself in our cross-tab analysis of our monthly data set. The chart below is made by filtering and analyzing Instagram account holders to show you which other platforms they ALSO have an account with. As you can see in the chart, Snapchat’s growth into Instagram’s user base flattened pretty much right when Instagram released stories.

Instagram Account Holders, All Ages:

Instagram Flows Overall
Instagram Account Holders, Millennials:

SNAP Account Holders Millennials

CMG Consumer Primer

We’ve noticed two pretty clear trends recently in our CMG survey work:

  1. Concerns about food safety issues are largely subsided among customers.
  2. Traffic has held its floor and is basically in-line with what our surveys recorded during the same period in 2017 and 2016. Data is still a notch below performance in 2015, but holding the floor is significant as CMG starts to take on easier y/y comparisons.

We have quite a bit more in our survey: segmenting customers by typical visit frequency to help investors understand the composition of customers who have lapsed and customers who have returned (and at what frequency they are going now that they have returned). We also have some great stuff on the queso menu item and on customer desires for CMG to add a breakfast menu. In addition to all of this, we cover other casual dining stocks in depth and in addition to coffee trends.

CMG TrafficCMG Less