NFLX Churn – Money/Prices, Time, or Hulu

We collect tons of survey data on NFLX, both domestically and internationally (with years of historical data backing it up). Below we provide a window into some of the more recent verbatim feedback we collected from current and former subscribers.

A few quick things to take away:

  1. The top reasons for cancelling are related to either money/pricing or time.
  2. Hulu is mentioned fairly frequently as a reason for cancelling.
  3. No one likes price increases, but the response from Netflix subscribers is relatively negative/upset.

Additionally, our monthly trackers related to engagement and churn have shown some noteworthy inflection points over the past few months.

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SNAP – Changing The Stories

With SNAP starting off 2019 still trading near 52 week lows, we wanted to highlight some (potentially) underappreciated positives. We include a couple charts beneath key takeaways below from a recent special audiences survey we ran on different segments of younger respondents, starting with teens under 17.

  1. Among younger audiences, user engagement is stronger with SNAP stories compared to FB or Instagram Stories. This is significant because across all platforms, sentiment toward the stories experience and engagement with stories has been improving.
  2. SNAP still performs extremely well among teens. Despite the fact that Instagram has pulled ahead of Snapchat with older audiences, the two platforms are much closer to each other among teens.
  3. FB users have been pulling back in engagement and younger users see it as a significant popularity loser. Though a lot of the usage is heading over to Instagram, the pull back in FB usage provides an opportunity for SNAP to pick up some of those eyeballs.

Please let us know if you would have interest in this special teens report or in our social media coverage in general.

SNAP Stories


Popularity Changes

(FB, SNAP) Teens and Social Media Platforms

Everyone understands the importance of younger consumers to the social media landscape. We found that there is much more to the story in our special audiences survey of teens and younger respondents. Below you will find one chart from our 58 page report (we also have color on AAPL, SPOT, NFLX, P, etc).

Please let us know if you would have any interest in learning more about this special report (


Teens Favorite

(AAPL) Getting The Install Base To Refresh

Consumers are holding on to their smartphones for longer than ever in part due to pricier devices. Our internal surveys have shown that Apple iPhone owners in particular are sticking with their smartphones for longer (compared to smartphone owners overall). This trend, combined with the fact that Apple has been relying more and more on the existing install base for unit sales, has been a growing headwind.

Will Apple’s new trade-in programs drive customers to upgrade to a new device?

Our monthly trackers are a great resource to track the ultimate success of Apple’s push to reinvigorate sales at a time when replacements are the main driver of business. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our ongoing AAPL work or if you would be interested in a trial to our platform.



aapl 22

FB Is On A Diet, But Still Phat

Facebook has been shedding pounds (ie, in the form of user engagement), but both Instagram and WhatsApp have been making serious gains during the same period of time. Our consumer trackers on the Facebook flagship platform look bad and have continued to worsen, but we thought it was important to emphasize just how well the Instagram property has been doing.

We have much much more data on this story and will have updates to our consumer deep-dives in the US and internationally and to our ad execs work (all with historical data included) in early January. Please let us know if you would be interested in learning/seeing more.

Below you will find a couple charts showing Instagram picking up some of the slack in the wake of Facebook declines.

Social Media 2



Social Media 3



MCD | It’s Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Our work on McDonald’s is a great tool to monitor not only underlying dynamics but also the relative strength or weakness of new initiatives (such as the $1, $2, or $3 Menu). Below is the feedback we received from respondents. We also have great feedback on perceptions toward the incorporation of fresh beef, the McCafe line, and technological improvements in restaurants.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more or would like access to our historical data on McDonald’s.




Bespoke – Looking Back at SNAP

Snapchat has had a rough year (down 71% since February 16 of 2018). Even during that peak of optimism, our consumer insights backed by historical data underscored structural headwinds working against SNAP.

First, the history in our trackers of platform cross-over suggested that SNAP’s growth into Instagram’s user base slowed materially following Instagram’s launch of “stories”. 

IG Account Flows


IG DAU                             

We also found that SNAP has a decidedly negative NPS among users who are over 45 years old (the most negative of any platform we test).



We have quite a bit more feedback on Snapchat from users and non-users, but these are two examples of headwinds among younger audiences (Instagram’s addition of “stories”) and older audiences (simply not liking the experience) that have been a factor in user growth.

If you are curious about the full array of insights we have on SNAP, FB, and TWTR, please give us a call 914-630-0512 or shoot us an email (

Paying Up For Spotify and Apple Music

Willingness to pay for streaming music has been driving higher over the past two years in our survey. This rising tide has lifted a handful of entities, but our latest iteration pegs Spotify and Apple Music as the fastest runners in the race.

Below you will see three important trends highlighted by historical comparisons in our survey report.

1). Consumers are more likely to think only one streaming music option is appropriate to pay for. In other words, in streaming music a jump ball is more of a true jump ball with only one winner. In streaming video, consumers are more likely to have appetite for multiple services.

2). More and more consumers have been entering the realm of paying for streaming music.

3). Spotify and Apple Music have been gobbling up the jump balls most effectively over the past two years.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our work on streaming music platforms. Our creative questions with historical comparisons make for helpful insights. 


















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