FB Daily Visitors: Where is Their Attention Shifting?

Bespoke Intel has account holder and DAU flow data with historicals and certain insight angles that others (like app data scrapers) just don’t have. Per the chart below from our special 8-page flow report, you’ll notice a few data points that jump out:

FB daily visitors have been visiting…

  • Instagram more since July/August 2017.
  • TWTR more compared to earlier in 2018.
  • SNAP around the same since July/August 2017.

This is just one example of data we can show you that offers some clean and easy to understand takeaways on FB and SNAP in particular. Imagine having access to our entire platform of both hard and soft data where you can check both DAUs and sentiment surrounding things like SNAPs recent app update. Contact us to try out Bespoke Intel!


NFLX: Cancellation Trigger Price At Series Highs | Bespoke Intel

We have a great deal of insightful data on NFLX investment narratives with survey refreshes due out in the next week (6 years of historical data):

  • International sub growth, churn, engagement, sentiment, etc.
  • Domestic sub growth, churn, engagement, sentiment, etc.
  • Original content popularity and ability to a) drive new subscriptions and b) curb churn
  • Cord cutting, competitive dynamics, etc.

In short, if investors think an issue could impact the stock, we are gathering feedback directly from consumers and tracking it over time.

Bespoke Intel has fresh data coming down the pipeline on NFLX. Presenting a data point relevant to most discussions in the space…at what monthly price point would consumers decide to cancel their Netflix subscription? The chart below shows positive feedback in May (new series high)  but this is not the entire picture.

Bespoke’s full reports on NFLX and streaming media covers both domestic and international sub growth, churn, engagement, and sentiment (UK, France, Germany, and Japan). We also have feedback on original content rankings by show and network, cord cutting, and competitive dynamics.

Contact us now if you’d like to try us out!

NFLX Snip_180626

FB Consumer Update

Bespoke Intel has years of historical survey data on social media players. Why does that matter? Simply put, combination of a long time series and current reactions to ongoing changes gives us a really helpful predictive view on consumers (and we have ad feedback from ad execs and business owners). So far this year our work picked up on worsening trends from the consumer, but it also showed that ad execs/business owners were holding up and weren’t running for the hills.

These charts below are by no means our complete data view on FB. They are simply meant to show that throughout the quarter consumer engagement has continued to suffer and that the consumer issues could be more structural than transitory (FB users are more likely to be actively trying to cut back on usage than users of other platforms).

We are flagging this feedback again now to keep our work on your radar. Our consumer and ad execs/business owner view will offer critical insight in early July and throughout the rest of this year. Please let us know if you would have any interest in our social media coverage.

snip FB intent to cut back


Snip_FB_2 account pref





SNAP – Is Less Negative a Positive?

Bespoke Intel has fresh data in on SNAP. While our data continues to confirm the presence of two long term headwinds to growth (IG stories and older cohorts not using SNAP), we wanted to flag a couple of positive less negative thoughts. For one, negative reaction toward recent app updates has subsided, as shown below. SNAP users who like or strongly like the new app update have increased from 25% to 32% q/q. When we started this survey in February the figure was 19%. At a time when FB users are spending less and less time on the platform, there could be some near-term gains to be had. Despite IG stories and issues with older cohorts, SNAP is an app that has still been growing in our trackers with consumers. We have much more data on this to sink your teeth into in order to get the full story. Let us know if you would like to discuss!

SNAP snip


TSLA Is… Charging (Deposits and Purchase Intentions Increasing)

Bespoke Intel has recently gathered some interesting auto related data…sharing a couple of positive data points on TSLA. The takeaways are pretty clear:

  • Model 3 deposits popped up m/m.
  • Likelihood of choosing a Tesla among consumers looking to get a car in the next six months has been increasing.

Our auto sector data meshes with these Tesla datapoints to paint an interesting picture: 1) auto purchase intentions have accelerated and are higher than seasonality and 2) Over the past year, consumers looking to purchase a car have shifted in the direction of new over used. 3) Tesla has been gaining with likely auto purchasers.

A recent burst of deposits and purchase intentions is certainly a positive indicator but volatility on a name like TSLA cannot be ignored. It is very important to track deposits and purchase intentions over time through our longitudinal surveys. A historical tail to go along with forward looking data is a valuable combination to have. Contact us to learn more!

tsla snip 1


TSLA snip 3

Is Lululemon Product Line Fatigue Real?

Bespoke Intel’s new LULU report is now available. There are some positives and negatives to take away – we are focusing on one of the negatives here: active customer fatigue with the current product line is increasing. One can only know this with the benefit of historical data behind the current reading. Chart below – let us know if you have interest in learning more about what we have on this:


Lulu boring snip

How Sirius is Music App Competition in the Car? (SIRI, SPOT, AAPL, PNDRA)

Bespoke Intel has just rolled out Sirius Radio Volume 8 and some of the feedback we’re getting may surprise SIRI holders. Sharing a chart below from the report…flagging q/q and y/y declines for Sirius radio account holders who connect music apps to the car while Spotify and Apple Music show gains. Bulls may want to slow down and take a closer look at the rest of our report before they get the horns…

Siri snip



Can Gamestop weather the Fortnite Effect? | New 104-page report by Bespoke Intel

Bespoke Intel has just released its comprehensive, 104-page report, on Video Gaming (Volume 12). We take a deep dive into Gamestop, Fortnite’s impact, Amazon’s impact, physical vs. digital, share positioning, competitive dynamics, Nintendo switch feedback, and VR. Historicals go back 12 quarters and this time series of data is proving to be very useful for existing clients.

Sharing a datapoint from the report below…over 65% of Fortnite gamers are playing more or much more than their first month on the title. Over 58% said they are not purchasing as many games as they normally would because of Fortnite. We will see if this trend continues, pulls back, or flatlines when blockbuster titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon release later this year. Contact us to learn more!


GME fortnite snip

Looking into their Soles: Can Nike and Footlocker keep Adidas and Amazon at Bay?

We’ve just released Bespoke Footwear Volume 8 and have some good data back re if Nike is holding off Adidas in this arena AND if Amazon is making an impact on purchases at Foot Locker.

Sharing a chart below on consumer sentiment across several popular Nike and Adidas models. We have some interesting cross tab analysis on consumers who are familiar with the styles/models, whether they would purchase them, and how their choices change when pricing is revealed. Contact us to learn more!


Shoes capture