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Let The Big Dog (AMZN) Eat (TGT)

We just wrapped up the 34th volume of our quarterly survey focused on low cost retailers (WMT, TGT, COST, dollar stores, etc). Sharing a few charts below that highlight an interesting trend that has emerged related to competition between TGT and AMZN…

Survey Details:

Volume: 34 (Quarterly)
N Size: 1,000+ each wave
Tickers: WMT, TGT, COST, Dollar Stores
Pages: 44

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If you are not a client and want to see more…

Credit Card Trends | Top Three Takeaways

1. Debit cards were the most popular way of spending money in our survey.

2. 61.6% of respondents report paying off their credit card balance in full every month.

3.A plurality of respondents report understanding their various point offerings with credit card brands very well or moderately well.

SMB Survey | Top Three Takeaways

1. SMB owners believe that Google would provide the best ROI for an advertising campaign.

2. The top platform that SMBs choose to advertise on is Facebook.

3. A plurality of SMB owners were unaware of Reddit’s Free-Form Ad format.

Video Games | Top Three Takeaways

1. Video game playing frequency has improved over this quarter.

2. There is appetite for the upcoming Nintendo Switch console release in 2025, with a
mixture of responses among those with interest ranging from folks who might buy it,
some who will probably buy it but not immediately, and some who will definitely buy it
right away.

3. Gamers broadly have a net favorable view of Microsoft making Xbox exclusives available on other platforms.

RDDT | Top Three Takeaways

1. Consumers have a positive rating of the quality of content and discussions on Reddit.

2. A plurality of Reddit users typically find themselves on Reddit after a Google search (ie, makes engagement reliant on placement and emphasis in the Google search algorithm).

3. Consumer NPS is lower than all other social platforms we test.

US Banking | Top Three Takeaways

1. The top two reasons for why respondents like their current bank is because of its proximity to their home and the reputation that the bank holds.

2. The vast majority (88%) of respondents have not made any changes to their banking relationships in the past 30 days.

3. A plurality of respondents have a generally strong level of confidence in keeping a checking or savings account with a regional bank.

Search & AI | Top Three Takeaways

1. The percentage of consumers who are aware of AI Chatbots continues to increase.

2. When asked about what platform they use for internet search purposes, the vast majority of respondents answered with Google.

3. Google remains the most popular web search platform by a large margin.

Amazon Pricing Analysis | Top Three Takeaways

1. Over recent quarters, Wayfair has progressively been getting “cheaper” on a growing percentage of identical items found on both Amazon and Wayfair. Amazon is still cheaper more often than not.

2. The share of identical items found on Amazon and Chewy that are cheaper on Chewy was basically unchanged q/q.

3. Around 55-60% of the best sellers that we pull for analysis from Temu are also available on Amazon. When we find identical items, Temu is cheaper 95% of the time, and by a large amount (Amazon is usually more than double the price).

Macro Update | Top Three Takeaways

1. Inflation concerns have retreated rapidly and appear to have returned to pre-COVID norms.

2. Very few respondents report their home listed for sale, a sign that the housing market remains constrained.

3. Over the last six months our survey reflects a sudden significant uptick in workers leaving the labor force.

Streaming Video Monthly Update | Top Three Takeaways

1. The share of customers saying they are on the ad-supported plan has been increasing sequentially in our monthly survey.

2. The share of respondents who reported that they are very likely to switch subscription packages has increased q/q.

3. The amount that consumers believe is an appropriate price to pay for streaming services has declined over the past few quarters.

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