Passing along an update on our AAPL China work. Couple interesting longer-term trends to watch: 1) sentiment toward US and China relations is worsening, and Android owners who think relations are bad are digging in and becoming more loyal to Android. We saw more of a desire to support domestic come through in fill-ins asking why Android owners don’t have an iPhone and 2) Refresh cycles / purchase intentions for smartphones overall are stretching. 

Open Report:Bespoke – AAPL China Vol 20

Key Takeaways:

  • Sentiment toward US and China relations is worsening.
  • Growing negative sentiment toward the US is making Android users more loyal to Android. There is a growing desire to “Support Domestic” for smartphones.
  • Refresh cycles are stretching.
  • Plans to purchase an iPhone in the next three months has been near series lows and down y/y.
  • iPhone market share positioning has worsened in our survey vs. historical readings (iphone still projects to gain share over the course of future refresh cycles).
  • There is interest in a cheaper, budget, iPhone (which makes sense, since “Too Expansive” is a top reason for not owning an iPhone).

Key Charts: