Passing along some data we gathered from customers of BBBY and competitors related to coupon usage and analysis on potential impacts of scaling back coupon programs for BBBY.
Open Report:Bespoke – BBBY and Competitors Report
Key Takeaways:

  • Our analysis of shoppers shows that a lack of coupon would cause a greater negative % difference in likelihood of shopping among BBBY customers compared to other home furnishings retailers.

  • That said, both younger customers and more frequent BBBY customers project to be less impacted by a reduction in coupons when it comes to likelihood of shopping compared to older and less frequent shoppers.

  • Broadly speaking, coupons are important to consumers when it comes to home furnishings purchases.

  • Customers of Bed Bath and Beyond offer the most favorable feedback when we asked them to rate availability of coupons.

  • Home Goods and Wayfair receive the most favorable ratings when it comes to everyday pricing (followed by Bed Bath and Beyond).

Key Charts: