With Casper’s IPO on the immediate horizon, we ran some cross-tabs to pass along some intelligence on “who the Casper customer is” and also wanted to flag our latest mattresses report because it has a good deal of current and historical data on Casper and on bed-in-a-box mattresses in general (TAM, competitive dynamics, if the shopping experience online is inherently better than in-stores, how well bed-in-a-box mattresses hold up against in-store mattresses and against expectations, etc).  We add private companies like Casper to our surveys long before they go public so that when they do, we have helpful data with history to show trend. We hope these slides are helpful!

If you have any questions please let us know.

Open Demos Deck: Bespoke – Who Is The Casper Customer

Open Mattresses Report: Bespoke – Mattresses Vol 14