Open Report:Bespoke – AAPL Domestic Vol 28

Key Takeaways:

  • 5G
    • Awareness of 5G has increased sequentially and interest in the technology is strong. Among iPhone owners interested in the technology, there is a reasonably high willingness to pay a premium and over half of them agree that 5G would be an innovation in smartphones that would make it very different from existing models. 
  • iPhone
    • “iPhone Loyalists” (have used iOS for three phones in a row) has reached a series high (45.7% of smartphone owners). Apple has gained share in the past year in this metric. The latest slate of iPhones released accounts for a higher percentage of iPhone model mix (at this point) compared to the prior two launches in 2018 and 2017.
  • Apple Watch
    • Apple Watch penetration has continued its sequential improvement. Additionally, 34% of Apple Watch owners have owned more than one model and 39% of Apple Watch owners said they probably or definitely will purchase another/new Apple Watch in the next year. Slides contain breakdowns related to refresh cycles. 

  • Airpods
    • Airpods are the most popular wireless earbuds in our survey and have a strong lead in mindshare among non-Airpod owners when we ask which wireless earbuds they think would be best. Slides contain breakdowns related to refresh cycles. 

  • Refresh Cycles
    • Smartphone refresh cycles continue to stretch, but the percentage of iPhone owners who got their phone within the past three months improved y/y (this metric had been worsening). wearables refresh cycles project to be less frequent, broadly speaking, than iPhone refresh cycles. 

  • Streaming Players
    • Streaming player ownership has increased over the history of our survey. Roku is the share leader and along with all others (Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV) is increasing sequentially. 

Key Charts: