Passing along an update from our monthly tracker focused on Covid and a host of other macro issues. Please let us know if you have any questions about the deck.
Open Report:Bespoke – US Covid and Macro December Update
Key Takeaways:

  • Covid: Concerns increased m/m and readings are just shy off of our update in April. Respondents do expect the virus to remain a concern despite a vaccine.

  • Labor Market: More positive readings as the share of respondents who are not employed and looking for work is down.

  • Housing: Demand continues to be robust in the housing market. Recent purchases and purchase intentions both look strong.

  • Consumer Sentiment: There appears to be a broad recovery in spending and sentiment towards personal finances.

  • Consumer Activity: Readings are positive. Housing and autos are seeing high interest from respondents. Intent to purchase or lease a new vehicle in the next six months jumped higher. Intentions to visit a theme park in the next six months has increased considerably recently (Disney World and Universal, in particular).

  • Personal Finances: Respondents feel better about personal financial situations overall.

  • Investor Sentiment: Sentiment is high and elevated. Current views on the stock market are very positive and risk on sentiment is high. Interest in Bitcoin is gaining sequentially.