Passing along an update from our monthly survey providing an update on consumer sentiment and behavior related to Covid and other macro and sector related issues (labor market, housing, consumer spending activity, personal finances, investor sentiment, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions about the report. 

Open Report:Bespoke – US Monthly Update

Key Takeaways and Charts:

  • Covid:
    • Concerns increased m/m following a four-month period in which they were slowly declining. Despite the increased concern m/m, respondents have continued slowly pulling back on measures they have been taking to avoid getting Covid. Respondents continue to stretch their view of how long they expect Covid to be a concern.

  • Labor Market:
    • Improving unemployment data and general sentiment towards the labor market, but income is still very weak.

  • Housing:
    • Very strong demand, but activity indicators are slowing in-keeping with seasonal patterns.

  • Consumer Sentiment:
    • Impressive recoveries in spending intentions, economic sentiment, and sentiment towards finances.

  • Consumer Activity:
    • Readings are mixed. Store traffic has continued to recover from Covid lows, but still remains below historical levels. Tech purchases have been trending higher, intentions to buy a video game console popped higher, and intentions to buy autos and homes are strong. Expectations to visit theme parks are lower than prior September readings.

  • Personal Finances:
    • With incomes weak, the month-over-month improvement in personal finances was not dramatic and things look much weaker than last year.

  • Investor Sentiment:
    • Investors are less constructive about the market than last month, with a sharp increase in neutral sentiment.