Passing along an updated read on our US covid and macro trackers. Please let us know if you have any questions.  

Open Report:Bespoke – US Covid and Macro Tracker (April)

ICYMI:Bespoke – China Covid and Macro Tracker

Key Takeaways: US Covid

  • Consumers grew more concerned with covid relative to our March survey. 
  • Expectations for how long covid is going to be an issue stretched longer. Consumers continue to want to hear that doctors have come up with a vaccine/treatment or that cases have entirely subsided. Learning that the death rate is low or that cases are peaked/declining do not ease concerns as much.
  • Retail activity has suffered, hospital/doctor visits and dentist visits have dropped off m/m.
  • Cooking at home, streaming video, cosial media, and streaming music have been the biggest beneficiaries of covid/social distancing. Activities that have been hurt the most include live events, going to the gym, going to casinos, shopping in-stores, and using ride sharing apps.

Key Charts: