Passing along a full macro and covid breakdown from our US monthly survey. We provide updates on the state of the consumer with 68 months of historical data preceding it to go along with a more detailed dissection of our Covid data.

Open Report:Bespoke – US Covid Full Breakdown

Key Takeaways:

  • Employment Landscape Worsens – Hours Worked Down and Fears Consumers Will Lose Their Jobs Up
  • Personal Finances Feedback Holds Up Sequentially
  • Spending Sentiment Shows A Hint of Impact, But Gas Prices Down and Home Purchasing Intent Up
  • Consumers Expect Prices to Fall
  • Credit Card Debt is Building, and Payment Recency Stretching
  • Doctor’s Office Visits Tick Down, Common Cold + Flu Surged in December\
  • Stock Market Participation At All-Time Highs – Sentiment Down on Equities and Increased Investment in Gold
  • Coronavirus Specific Feedback – Sentiment and Consumption Shifts

Other Observations:

  • Data shows a surge in reported colds/flu’s in December.
  • People are more heavy handed in saying they have reduced or stopped activities than they are in evaluating how their behavior will be impacted going forward.

Key Charts: