Open Report:

Bespoke – Covid US May Update

Key Takeaways:

  • Concern level is still high, but pulled back compared to April and measures taken to avoid catching Covid have been relaxed m/m.
  • Consumers are increasingly convinced that Covid is going to be a concern for more than a year. Interestingly, in our comfortability simulations, compared to right after lockdowns are relaxed, consumers would only be moderately more comfortable a few months from now (if Covid is not gone, no vaccine, but cases are flat to down).
  • Top activities are doing more of remains cooking at home, streaming video, social media, streaming music, and shopping online.
  • Activities that have been impacted the most include going to live events, going to the gym, casinos, using ride sharing apps, and shopping in-stores.
  • Consumers continue to report reductions in wearing makeup, shaving, wearing contact lenses, and buying clothing. They are wearing glasses more often, and using skincare products slightly more often.
  • Concerns that consumers will lose their jobs are at all-time highs, and hours worked in the past week dropped.
  • Consumers are expecting prices of goods to fall.
  • Consumers have reported declines in the % who paid their credit card bill in the past month.
  • Doctors visits, hospital visits, dental visits, and elective procedures are sharply down sequentially.
  • We saw a spike in the % of consumers who complained about having the flu or common cold in December, but that % has steadily declined since then.
  • Among investors, ownership of gold is up and near all-time highs. Interest in Bitcoin has increased in recent months.

Key Charts: