We expanded upon the cross-tab analysis that we ran last week comparing results from our Carvana survey based on state. To run cross-tabs on a larger set of questions from our survey, we combined results from the past 3 waves to achieve larger N sizes for AZ + GA (ie, N = 30,000 collected in 3 waves from June 2021 – May 2022).

Open Report:Bespoke – CVNA Report (AZ and GA vs. ROC)


– The cross-tab analysis report we are sharing today shows that awareness of Carvana is stronger in AZ and GA compared to the rest of the country. Beyond awareness, AZ + GA respondents and respondents from the rest of the country answer questions similarly. There are some nuances (like respondents in AZ and GA being slightly less likely to visit a dealership before buying through CVNA, for example, but for the most part answers related to auto purchasing trends and Carvana sentiment/satisfaction are similar. 

– Adding in a snapshot below of Google trends results for “Carvana” (past 5 years). As you can see in the map below, search interest has been strongest in Arizona and Georgia by a considerable margin. This makes sense that search interest would be strongest in the areas in which awareness is strongest (and shows that the higher level of awareness is correlated in some way to consumers in that state taking action in actually searching for the term “Carvana” in Google. We will be keeping a close eye on awareness by state in future waves of this survey.

Google Trends: “Carvana”