Passing along three new deep dive casual dining reports focused on DPZ, CMG, and SBUX/DNKN. Please let us know if you have any questions about the reports.

Open Reports:Bespoke – DPZ, CMG, and SBUX/DNKN

Key Takeaways:

– Self-reported engagement with casual dining took slight step back in our October survey following improving trends in our July wave. Feedback isn’t net negative, it is just not as strong as results in July.

– Food delivery usage has increased over the past year. Among respondents using third party food delivery apps, the general trend y/y is that the % who say third party food delivery apps is replacement of typical orders declined.

– DPZ customers who also use third party food delivery apps have been decreasingly likely to say their usage of third party apps negatively impacts their Domino’s engagement.