Passing along our deep-dives on DPZ and CMG. 

Open Report:Bespoke – DPZ Vol 3

Open Slides:Bespoke – CMG Vol 18

DPZ Key Takeaways:

  • Pizza eating frequency has increased sequentially
  • Consumers have been shifting toward relying on pizza to be delivered via third party apps sequentially.
  • Domino’s customers are also increasing their ordering (from any restaurant) through third party food delivery apps.
  • Domino’s customers who also use third party food delivery apps are increasingly likely to say that it causes them to order Domino’s less.
  • Overall, Domino’s customers increased their usage frequency relative to our last survey volume (despite the growing pocket of third party food delivery app users who say it causes them to use Domino’s less often).
  • An increasing percentage of Domino’s customers are ordering via the mobile app.