Consumers have been on a rollercoaster over the past few years. How folks have experienced the ride and how they’ve behaved because of exogenous shocks to their daily lives vary quite a bit by income cohort. The history in our monthly data set allows us to cross-tabulate the data by income on a range of KPIs (some macro, and then many others related to spending across consumer tech/internet, streaming, and consumer retail). The deck can be accessed below, with a selection of interesting charts included in the email below. 
Open Report: Income Cross-Tabs
Bespoke – Income Cross-Tabs, Macro, TMT, … 23).pdf8.6 MB
Macro Data, General Population (Not Cross-Tabbed):
Bespoke – Macro Cross-Currents (All Respondents).pdf412.6 KB

Noteworthy Charts: