Passing along a series of short monthly updates. Please let us know if you have any questions about the reports.

Open Reports:

  • Bespoke – Auto Info Sites and Tesla Demand
    • Auto info site usage has been increasing.
    • Auto purchase intentions (in the next 6 months) are basically unchanged.
    • Tesla demand has steadily grown throughout our survey’s history).
  • Bespoke – Cruises and Travel April
    • With Covid concerns intensifying, consumer comfort with cruises declined m/m.
    • Those who have gone on cruises before are more likely to return at an earlier date to being comfortable going on one again.
    • Consumers showed an increased preference for booking travel direct m/m. Older respondents are more likely to prefer going direct, and younger respondents are more likely to prefer going to Google Search or Google Travel.
  • Bespoke – Tickets and Live Events
    • Live event going has obviously been impacted by Covid, but the number of live events consumers say they typically go to per year hasn’t changed materially compared to pre-Covid readings.
    • Consumers were increasingly likely to say fees are unfair, are increasingly likely to go direct to the venue/team site, and are increasingly likely to say the tickets they buy are less expensive than prior months. All that said, the majority still feels that Ticketmaster and Stubhub have room to increase their fees.
  • Bespoke – Online Dating
    • Usage softened m/m. 
    • But sentiment toward most platforms is net improving (especially Match).