Open Report:Bespoke – Live Events and Tickets Report

Key Takeaways and Key Charts:

  • Mindshare and Engagement – Two Horse Race, Concerts and Family Events Enjoying Tailwind

    • Ticketmaster has a significant mindshare lead when it comes to buying tickets for live events (35.5% of ALL respondents named it as the platform that comes to mind first). Stubhub is second, at 8.0%. In consumer minds, it is a two-horse race.

    • Concerts and family shows are showing the biggest net positive increases in number of events attended per year.

  • Expected Spend – Consumers Expect To Spend More For Concerts on Secondary Market

    • Consumers expect to spend more per ticket on secondary markets for concerts compared to Ticketmaster. They also expect to spend more per ticket on secondary markets for sports, but the expectations delta is smaller.

  • Fees / Value – Fees Aren’t Transparent Enough For Many, Prices Are Expensive, But They Have Room To Increase

    • A relatively high percentage of those who use Ticketmaster and Stubhub feel that fees are hidden/not transparent (50% say this about Ticketmaster, 45% say this about Stubhub).

    • Consumers are fairly split on whether prices are fair or not on both Ticketmaster and Stubhub and they view both platforms as expensive for the types of events they typically try to go to.

    • That said, importantly, only 24% of Ticketmaster users and only 20% of Stubhub users said they have “no room to increase prices.”