In recent months, we’ve periodically seen media and sell-side coverage of a possible TikTok ban in the US with musings around which competitors/peers would benefit the most if a ban were to happen. 

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Some Thoughts:

  • What we found is that the top beneficiaries of a potential TikTok ban would be YouTube and Instagram (based on direct consumer feedback and on use case alignment).
  • We’ve seen some sell-side firms call out Snapchat as the top potential beneficiary. What we found on the Snapchat front in our data is that Snapchat has the most cross-over with TikTok in terms of visit cross-over and minutes per day consumption. We didn’t see a lot of consumers directly tell us that they would shift their TikTok usage time to Snapchat if TikTok were banned, but the Snapchat user base would have the greatest amount of time freed up to reallocate.  
  • Separate from a possible ban, our data showed flatter growth into competitor’s user bases for TikTok in 2022 compared to the 2019 – end of 2021 period.
  • We also found in our data that daily visitors of TikTok have not grown significantly less likely over time to have also visited Facebook and Instagram the day they took our survey. In contrast, daily visitors of TikTok have grown slowly less likely to also have visited Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter the day they took our survey.