We ran a deep dive survey over the past 2 weeks with 5,000+ Netflix subscribers in the US. Open Report:Bespoke – NFLX Basic With Ads Deep DiveKey Takeaways and Charts:

  • Feedback is positive from subscribers who signed up for Basic with Ads.
  • NPS is stronger for Basic with Ads than more expensive tiers. This is not atypical considering the common trend that newer products/services typically are more likely to be recommended to others by virtue of the fact that users are more likely to think their friends/colleagues would not be aware of something if it is newer. Nevertheless, it is a positive that the NPS came in at 42 and above the more expensive plans.
  • Satisfaction overall is slightly stronger for more expensive plans. Respondents who use Basic with ads are more likely to be satisfied with the price and with content and are less satisfied with streaming speed and video/picture quality compared to respondents on more expensive plans.
  • Subscribers on both plans are very sticky / unlikely to churn.