Each quarter we ask all consumers what their favorite thing is to watch on TV is at the moment, and then we ask Netflix subscribers separately to tell us what their favorite thing is to watch on Netflix at the moment. We analyze the fill-ins and make a note of which network each favorite comes from, if it is available on Netflix, if it is a Netflix original, etc. Then, we show summary charts highlighting the number of shows out of the top 50 that are a) available on Netflix and b) Netflix originals and what percentage of favorite Netflix content are originals. 

Open Report:Bespoke – Video Content Map 2Q20
Open Raw Data:Bespoke – Video Content Map Raw Data (Excel)

Key Takeaways:

  • From April to July, the number of top 50 things people like to watch right now that are Netflix originals more than doubled. 

  • For the second consecutive quarter, an increasing percentage of top 50 things people like watching right now are available on Netflix.

  • Among subscribers specifically, originals have consistently accounted for 20-25 of favorite things to watch on Netflix right now.

  • It is worth noting that “The Office” remains one of the more important titles for Netflix subscribers (consistently ranks near the top).