Passing along updated results from our quarterly domestic survey work on NFLX. Next week we will have data ready from India, UK, and Japan (we added Disney+ questions to our India survey). Please let us know if you have any questions.

Open Report: Bespoke – NFLX Domestic Vol 29

ICYMI: Bespoke – Streaming Wars Domestic Report March
*note – the quarterly report focuses specifically on Netflix thesis validation. Streaming wars shows the progress and competition between Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Projected nflx churn falls. Financially at-risk groups relatively more likely to cancel, but readings are still below historical levels.
  • Netflix subscriber engagement and expected usage frequency surges higher q/q.
  • Netflix has gotten more important to subscribers. Ozark and tiger king are huge content hits.
  • The % of former subscribers cycling in and out of Netflix declined q/q.
  • Cable/satellite monthly spend is flat, but monthly streaming video spend is up. Number of streaming video services paid for at once is on the rise.
  • Streaming continues to pick up share in consumer viewing preferences. A high percentage of consumers feel covid-19 will harm their financial position in 2020.