Passing along NPS results for Olaplex and a word cloud capturing customer descriptions of the brand “in one word.” Please let us know if you have questions about the slides.

Open Report:Bespoke – OLPX NPS and Word Cloud


  • Feedback toward the brand is strong. A pocket of customers call it expensive, but the majority have very positive feelings toward the brand expressed in the word cloud.
  • NPS is strong at 57. A quick note on NPS: Olaplex IR posted a brand overview deck to their website in March of 2022. In their brand overview, they cite an NPS of 71. They presumably generated this score from a customer list that they used to adminster a brand survey. Generally speaking, company contact lists generate higher NPS readings because members of the list have to be enthusiastic enough about the brand to join the list. An NPS of 57 from a market panel is strong/constructive and in-line with what we would expect to see with an NPS reading of 71 from a customer list.

Key Charts: