Passing along three new reports from our China survey work. Please let us know if you have any questions about the reports. 

Open Reports:

  • Bespoke – China eCommerce Vol 21
    • Notes:
      • Spending overall has been impacted, making eCommerce feedback mixed.
      • PDD performed well in our survey, purchase recency and sentiment is improving.
      • JD feedback has worsened sequentially.
      • Alibaba customers are buying fewer items per month than they were in 2019.
  • Bespoke – China Streaming Video Vol 20
    • Notes:
      • Streaming was gaining popularity, and that has increased even more because of Covid.
      • Tencent Video performed especially well in our survey.
      • Willingness to pay for streaming video platforms increased m/m.
  • Bespoke – China Casual Dining Vol 18
    • Notes:
      • Food delivery usage is increasing sequentially – platforms like Freshippo and Meituan Waimai project to see increased usage going forward, while feedback was less favorable for the likes of 7 Fresh and Meituan Maicai.
      • Spending intentions toward coffee and tea vendors in our survey has been worsening sequentially.
      • Casual dining visits dropped in February and March and stayed flat with March in April.