Open Report:Bespoke – Energy Drinks, Personal Care, and Soda Vol 7

Key Takeaways and Key Charts:

  • Respondents are slowly shifting their purchases of personal care and household items online.

  • Consumers express a strong belief that there are more and more brand options available now for CPGs.

  • Consumers believe that smaller brands are gaining popularity, but they have a more favorable opinion of larger incumbents (and their opinions have stayed consistently strong over time).

  • Consumers are showing increased interest in eco-friendly fabric care alternatives.

  • Consumers still think soda is bad for them, but sentiment is less negative sequentially than it has been in prior quarters.

  • Monster and Redbull are the clear share leaders for energy drinks, but those who consume newer and up-and-coming brands are more likely to say they are increasing consumption compared to those who drink Monster and Redbull. Early feedback on Coca-Cola Energy is positive.