Open Report:Bespoke – DPZ and Food Delivery Vol 2

Key Takeaways:

  • Pizza’s share of takeout orders increased q/q. Since this is only our second volume of data, it is unclear if this move is seasonal or not.

  • Among those who eat pizza, the percentage who have it delivered increased q/q. The largest increase was for third party food delivery app orders.

  • Our data shows a q/q increase in order frequency with large pizza chains through third party food delivery apps (Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Mod Pizza, and Blaze).

  • 50-60% of respondents who use third party food delivery apps to get pizza from large chains consider their orders to be incremental.

  • An increasing % of Domino’s customers are being driven to eat it because of delivery speed, loyalty program, and digital ordering experience. Feedback from customers on how often they are eating Domino’s improved q/q.

  • Among those who have eaten Domino’s in the past year AND order from third party food delivery apps, a growing minority said they order Domino’s less because of the third party food delivery apps.

Key Charts: