Open Report:Bespoke – Influencers, Close Friends, Minis, and Discover

Key Takeaways:

  • Close friends have the greatest impact on movement of people between social media platforms (both viewing pictures/videos and messaging).

  • Snapchat is viewed by users as most useful for interaction with close friends and for messaging. On this critical front, feedback resembles that of Facebook users and is stronger than both TikTok and Instagram.

  • Following the news and content creators/influencers does impact movement of people between platforms as well (more so than following content from companies or celebrities).

  • In our longitudinal SNAP survey work we have seen a shift in usage mix sequentially toward stories/discover. We wanted to dig in deeper on that since a) that usage is more monetizable and b) Snapchat is making strides to make it easier for users to find content creators/influencers in Discover and for influencers to build audiences.

  • First, is there room for improvement?
    • Snapchat users view it as less useful for following influencers and content creators compared to users of Instagram and TikTok.  Though respondents don’t complain that it is difficult to find people to follow in Discover, a relatively high % of users on SNAP don’t subscribe to various types of Discover content. Feedback is positive/constructive on how they would receive any changes that would make it easier for them to find content creators and influencers that they like in Discover.

  • Feedback is also constructive on SNAP Minis. Nearly 60% of users said they would use the app more if mini-apps were available offering things like ordering movie tickets, comparing schedules, studying a flashcard deck, or going through a guided meditation.

  • TikTok: Viewed as less effective by users when it comes to how useful it is for close friends and messaging (similar to feedback from Twitter users). TikTok’s wheelhouse is in being useful for viewing interesting or fun videos/photos, content from creators and influencers that they like.

  • Twitter is viewed as most useful for news, more than any other platform. Given what we are seeing in news consumption trends sent out in our deck this morning, this is a positive engagement tailwind worth watching.

Key Charts: