Passing along the 18th volume of our work on video gamers. We added a number of new questions to provide forward looking data on the upcoming console refresh and also dug deeper this quarter on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite trends.

Open Report:Bespoke – Video Gamers Vol 18 Domestic

ICYMI:Bespoke – Japan and UK Video Gamers

Key Takeaways and Key Charts:

  • Interest in the PS5 is clearly stronger than interest in the Xbox Series X. Respondents are more excited for the PS5 exclusive game lineup and on average expect the price of the Ps5 to be higher than the Series X.

  • Gamers are getting increasingly digital. Digital games are gaining share of new release purchases. Engagement with YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer all have shown sequential improvements and interest in esports is growing.

  • Video game playing frequency has stabilized. Levels have Not bounced back to series highs, but it has shown sequential improvement.

  • Consumer preferences have remained consistent regarding new releases (68.4%) vs. free games with in-app purchases (31.6%). The % of gamers who make in-app purchases has been flat to up, and the amount they have spent in-game has steadily grown.

  • Engagement with Gamestop improved in spots sequentially and y/y, but remains substantially worse than series bests. Respondents have been shifting away from Gamestop and toward Amazon for used games.

  • 15.7% of those who own a Switch or Switch Lite own BOTH the Switch and Switch Lite. The remainder own just the Switch (70.1%) or just the Switch Lite (14.2%). 77.9% of Switch/Switch Lite owners also currently own and play other consoles.