We surveyed 6,000+ gamers in the US to get a quick read on: a) if they’ve looked into the announced specs for the PS5 and Series Xb) what their sentiment is toward the specs and if it is better or worse than expectations andc) if the specs move the needle for anyone undecided. Please note that we first asked gamers in an unaided format (ie, asked them if they looked into the specs and then asked those who said they familiarized themselves about them), and then we showed them a side-by-side table of the PS5 and Series X specs and asked ALL gamers about them regardless of whether they said they have looked into specs already or not. 

Open Report:Bespoke – PS5 and Series X Specs Feedback

Key Takeaways:

  • Gamers have been proactive about looking into recently announced specs for the PS5 and Series X (interest has been slightly stronger in learning about the PS5).

  • Among those who have familiarized themselves with the recently announced specs, sentiment is very positive and suggests that they surprised to the upside in terms of specs being better than expected.

  • In unaided questions, consumers have a slightly more favorable opinion of the PS5 specs, but feedback is positive for both.

  • After showing respondents the specs side-by-side, however, the Series X gets slightly more favorable feedback and seems to be positively influencing people who are currently undecided (but, again, feedback for both consoles is very positive).

Key Charts: