Open Report:Bespoke – Ad Execs Vol 8

Key Takeaways:

  • Ad budgets are higher than the same time a year ago and the data is improved q/q and y/y. social network advertising is viewed as the biggest gainer in spend y/y of the categories we test. 

  • Facebook remains the share leader. google and Instagram who are second and third respectively have grown sequentially. Very few ad execs have clients paying to advertise on TikTok, but interest is increasing. 

  • Ad execs view spending as higher y/y and flat to higher q/q for most platforms in our survey. Over time, an increasing percentage of ad execs say spend purpose is shifting to cost/action (an area amazon excels). 

  • Ad execs see pricing as net higher y/y for most platforms. Ad execs with clients paying Instagram, amazon, and facebook were most likely to say prices increased. Amazon users have the most willingness to pay more per ad unit. 
  • Privacy concerns regarding social media have cooled and feedback indicates negative media coverage has been having less of an impact on client engagement with facebook compared to a year ago. 

  • Client opinions of facebook have improved over the past four survey volumes. Ad execs also offer positive feedback on Instagram buy buttons within the app. 

Key Charts: