Open Report:Bespoke – Social Media International

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platform in India. Facebook and Instagram users also engage with the platforms more frequently than any other platform we test. 

  • TikTok performs well when it comes to time spent on the platform per day in India, but trails Facebook. Users of all platforms in our survey say their usage has increased vs. 6 months ago, but TikTok users in India are the most likely to say their usage has increased. 

  • TikTok users in India are the most likely to raise concerns about privacy, followed by Snapchat and Facebook. 

  • Snapchat users continue to report that they are watching more discover content on the platform compared to 6-12 months ago and were increasingly likely to say they are viewing more of their friends stories compared to 6-12 months ago. Overall sentiment toward the platform among existing users is constructive. 

  • In the UK, account holder growth is slower over the past year compared to prior years, pretty much across all platforms we test. 

Key Charts: