Passing along the 15th volume of our work on streaming music and satellite radio. Also re-flagging our note from March specifically on SPOT trends. 

Open Report:Bespoke – Streaming Music and Satellite Radio Vol 15

Re-Flag:SPOT Trends Outlined

Key Takeaways:

  • The percentage of consumers who use, and who pay to use, both Spotify and Apple Music jumped higher q/q. Overall, music listening frequency declined slightly q/q and podcast listening frequency increased.
  • Airpods ownership grew q/q, and Airpods users remain more active in listening to music in general, podcasts in general, and specifically to Spotify.
  • Spotify remains the most used platform for listening to podcasts and ranks at the top when it comes to consumer perceptions of who has the most unique podcast content.
  • Spotify is increasingly being viewed as the best platform when it comes to delivery of content, content available, and unique content.
  • Spotify has also continued to gain listening time “in the car.”
  • Sirius subscribers have been gradually broadening their list of what they use Sirius for (listening casually, while exercising, and while at work have all grown).