Passing along a series of short monthly updates. Please let us know if you have any questions about the reports.
Open Reports:

  • Bespoke – Cruises and Travel July
    • Consumer comfort levels with going on cruises has been very consistent/flat since improving a touch in May relative to April. Respondents who have never been on a cruise and older cohorts are the least likely to feel comfortable going on a cruise right now. Younger respondents and those who have been on cruises multiple times in the past are more likely to be comfortable going on a cruise now.
    • Consumers would feel more comfortable going to a hotel or taking a flight than they would be with going on a cruise – in an environment in which Covid is still here but cases are not rising.
    • Consumers who are uncomfortable with cruises now are stretching out the timeframe of how long it will take before they would be comfortable.
    • Older respondents are more likely to book travel by going direct to the hotel or airline they want to book. Younger respondents are more likely to go to Google Search, Google Travel, or to OTAs.
    • Overall interest in using Amazon for travel booking services, if ever offered, has waned over time.
  • Bespoke – Contacts, Glasses, Makeup, Shaving Monthly Update
    • The negative impact of Covid on buying clothing, shaving, and wearing contacts still exists but has eased sequentially.
    • Makeup wearing headwinds remain nearly as strong/negative as they have been since the start of the pandemic.
    • Consumers continue to say they are wearing glasses more often than normal.
    • Respondents remain more likely to say Covid has caused them to purchase contacts less often than normal than those who say it has caused them to purchase contacts more often than normal.
    • Dailies have gained share on re-usable contacts since we started asking about it in April of 2020.
  • Bespoke – Tickets and Live Events Monthly Update
    • With the pandemic ongoing, respondents’ estimation of the number of live events they go to per year has been on the decline.
    • Ticketmaster is the first platform respondents think of going to first for buying tickets to different types of events.
    • Over time, the percentage of Ticketmaster concert customers who think Ticketmaster has no room to increase prices has increased.
    • Customers of each platform are more likely to think Stubhub’s fees are transparent compared to Ticketmaster.