Open Report:Bespoke- Athleisure Brand Perceptions

Key Takeaways and Key Charts:

  • Brand Perceptions / Sentiment Matters
    • Respondents who have a more favorable view of athleisure brands in our survey are more likely to be customers of that brand and are more likely to buy the brand in the future. Though this is intuitive, the data shows a connection between brand perception and purchase engagement.
  • Under Armour Brand Sentiment Trails Nike and Adidas, But Sentiment Toward The Brand Is Generally Positive

  • Respondents View Under Armour as a Popularity Gainer (Trailing Only Adidas In This Metric)

  • Unaided Fill-Ins: Nike and Adidas Viewed Differently Than Under Armour

    • Respondents are most likely to associate Nike and Adidas with footwear. In contrast, respondents are most likely to associate Under Armour with “clothing” or “athletic.”