Passing along the 14th volume of our work on ride hailing and food/grocery delivery with added coverage of Dash Mart this quarter. Please let us know if you have any questions about the report. Open Report:Bespoke – Dash Mart, Ride Hailing, etcKey Takeaways and Charts:

  • Younger respondents are far more likely to be engaged with using third party apps for grocery and convenience delivery compared to older respondents.
  • The broader audience of consumers is marginally more likely to think their grocery and convenience spend through delivery apps will increase over the next year, relative to the percentage who thinks it will decrease.
  • DoorDash users are more likely to think that their spending on grocery and convenience through delivery apps will increase in the next year.
  • Among the broader audience, DoorDash is the most popular app used for grocery and convenience delivery, followed closely by Uber Eats. When we focus on “power users” – ie, those who order grocery and convenience delivery 1+ times per week, Uber Eats has a slight mind share edge over Door Dash (but both score well).
  • Turning to ride sharing apps, NPS for both Uber and Lyft improved q/q relative to our August wave (all other delivery apps tested were mostly unchanged q/q).
  • Opinions of ride sharing experiences on Uber and Lyft are net positive and consistent wave/wave. 
  • Ride sharing users continue to call out prices getting more expensive on Uber and Lyft. Perceptions of value to price are a touch off series highs but remains net positive.
  • Uber user cross-over between Uber Eats and Uber Ride Sharing has been mostly unchanged throughout 2022 (slightly more cross-over when we started asking about it in 2021).