Open Report:Bespoke – Video Gamers Japan and UK

Key Takeaways:

  • Japan
    • The most popular consoles in Japan are the Nintendo Switch and the PS4.

    • Of the next gen cycle, PS5 projects to be the most popular, followed by the Switch lite, and then by Xbox Series X. 

    • 25.9% of Nintendo Switch owners plan to get the Switch Lite (around the same percentage of PS4 owners plan to get the Switch Lite).

    • PS4 owners use the console the most frequently of all the consoles we test, but the Switch doesn’t lag far behind.

    •  Purchase intentions for games among console owners is currently strongest for the Switch Lite, which is likely because the Switch Lite was only recently released.

    • The Super Mario Smash Bros and Super Mario Party/Odyssey titles are the most popular at the moment.

  • UK
    • The PS4 is the most popular console, followed by the Xbox One, and then the Nintendo Switch. The same is true for next gen consoles from each respective manufacturer.

    • Unlike in Japan, Switch owners are a good deal more likely than owners of other consoles to get the Switch Lite (In Japan, Switch and PS4 owners are nearly just as likely as the other to get the Switch Lite).

Key Charts: Japan

Key Charts: UK