Passing along the fourth iteration of our pricing analysis work on identical items found on both Wayfair and Amazon. We try to keep the items consistent each wave, but whenever they are discontinued and no longer findable on a platform we swap it out for a new identical item that we can find. We also re-flag below our survey data from W customers to highlight their perceptions related to cross-shopping AMZN and other issues.
Open Reports:

Some notes and Key Charts:

  • Amazon has consistently been cheaper than Wayfair on a higher percentage of identical items, but the trend we have observed over time is that the % that is cheaper on Wayfair has grown.
  • The percentage that was cheaper on Wayfair surged higher in September relative to June, but has pulled back some q/q (as seen in first chart below).
  • From our survey data – the % of Wayfair users who cross-shop Amazon has been gradually increasing and they have been increasingly likely over time to find identical items.
  • From our survey data – AMZN has been consistently viewed as better for pricing.
  • From our survey data – Wayfair has been consistently viewed as better for ability to visualize and selection of products, though the lead has softened a bit over the past ~10 months.

Identical Item Analysis:

From Survey Data: